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  • RSS Update and Tutorial

    @Antonius No tutorial is required. Merely click the RSS icon located throughout the site and it will give you the RSS feed with the language filter you have set.

  • RSS Update and Tutorial

    So where's this tutorial? And how do I make it work with services like The Old Reader or Feedly now?

  • RSS Update and Tutorial

    Looks good to me, thonks! ~

  • RSS Update and Tutorial

    That is long and I won't remember to change it every time I go onto the site, but I'll see what I do.

  • Last Letter Game


  • RSS Update and Tutorial

    You can unset your filter when you're doing stuff on the site, and once you're done, set English again for your RSS?

  • RSS Update and Tutorial

    Would be nice to have a language filter in the url like before, as my rss feed now notifies me for all languages not english only. Setting the chapters filter would remove my ability to see other languages as thatis usefil for finding new manga and see missing chapters of series thst have incomplete english uploads.

  • RSS Update and Tutorial

    What tutorial?

  • RSS Update and Tutorial

    As some of you may have noticed, RSS now requires an account to use. This is due to a lot of bots spamming the public RSS links and flooding the server previously. With this update, there is no longer a need to explicitly filter for languages in the RSS URL, because all user accounts have a filter chapter language setting already. As such, your RSS feed will reflect what you have selected for your filter chapter languages. This applies to all your RSS feeds, including follows. If you have any questions on the above, please ask.

  • How to add the [END] tag to final chapters.

    @Teasday didn't realize they changed it to that, thanks for the response

  • Japan Summons

    Think I finally figured out why I like Isekai like these. They are basically reaction videos in manga form (low effort but additive) . Hope it doesn't get too nationalistic.

  • Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God

    HE SO CUUUUUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Papa's Life

    Skimming its grand total of 3 pages, the hypothetical pairing in question does seem to be the, erm, questionable pairing that the title implies. ...I can't even bring myself to fully read it to figure out whether there's some conditional clause (e.g. non-blood related) implied. Nope nope squick. XD

  • Legend

    one of those isekai where it doesn't need to be one

  • Sword Art Online - Project Alicization

    It's a shame. People will ride the hate train and rating bomb the series purely because of the author's and the series's names. They won't even give it a try. At this point on time the current publication of the books had 8 out of 16 books in the entire series in this arc. This of SAO is practically a soft reboot. Its going to be effectively an isekai. It's slow to start up, with the need to tie it in, but once it's going, it's not that dissimilar to all the "I'm now in a game!" variety of the isekai genre. Somehow though, this series will be rated poorly compared to it's peers.

  • Otokonoko Doushi Renai Chuu

    Rin-chan? That would be Rindoru Hoshikawa

  • Sundome

    This entire story is a freaking train wreck, only read it if youre a masochist. If youre not, save yourself th troulble, read the ending first so you dont get your expectations up.

  • A story about a yakuza who picked up a ***

    Basically three pages of gay shouta vampire fanservice (with a somewhat dark mood). Zero substance, stops the moment it's established the setting, and definitely not my thing XD

  • Tsukikage Baby

    Honestly I understand Kodama-sensei's intentions (coming of age, etc) but these kinds of josei romanticizing an underage girl pining for a dude her father's age always leave a bad taste in my mouth. Hotaruko girl, love yourself. That said, the storytelling is still very beautiful.

  • Binetsu Kuukan

    @jak I too feel the same. It really feels like a seinen (I understand it might have more romance than a usual seinen, but the artstyle just feels targeted towards males) and I really enjoy it. Very many thanks to our scanlators for bringing this series~

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