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  • Site feedback - Please read the post so your comment does not get DELETED.

    Using Mangadex on Android Mobile Device 1. Follows Page - Increase the size of the "already read" eye glyphicon or have it in its own cell. It shouldn't be stacked on top of the Language flag. 2. Follows Page - Emphasize the series title by either including a thumbnail/image of the series like the main page, or changing the Font background color of the title box to have the series title stand out from the chapter names. 3. Main page - Featured and Trending sections should either be on top or closer to the top, instead of the very bottom of the page. Or just have it in its own tab like the follows page. I just don't want to scroll all the way to the bottom to see what's out.

  • Long strip frequently freezes my browser

    Long strip when trying to open a chapter frequently freezes my browser. I first thought it was my browser that caused this but after switching browsers and changing settings a few times I realized this exclusively happens when I read in long strip format.

  • Site feedback - Please read the post so your comment does not get DELETED.

    1. My only real criticism is that blocking people doesn't hide their comments for some reason. That feels like a big design oversight to me. Blocking someone usually means not wanting to see them again in any capacity, after all!

  • Site feedback - Please read the post so your comment does not get DELETED.

    1. When opening a link in new tab for the latest chapter of a manga. It loads the reader but no images; you have to refresh the page to see the image. 2. Having the last four updates for a manga in latest updates page, (for multi-languages to see the last update in the specific languages when there are multiple updates in different languages in a short amount of time.) (LARGEST CONCERN) 3. For Mobile devices, the click button is too sensitive. ie when you pull a page to look at different parts, particularly long-strip, once you swipe up and let go of your finger, it immediately goes to a next/backwards page or a different part of the page

  • Site feedback - Please read the post so your comment does not get DELETED.

    1. The fact that the Follows tab in the home page include every language. 2. The fact that the Follows page, in the manga tab show when the newest chapter came out but don't tell the language. Like "oh a new chapter 3 hours ago" and then you see it's indonesian. Yea thoses 2 are speaking about the same problem about language.

  • The Politics Megathread

    It's simple, the office of presidency should be abolished. If somebody competent gets it, they use it for their own benefit, screwing over people across the world, and if somebody incompetent gets it, same applies only in a less controlled manner. All power to the people ♥♥♥

  • Site feedback - Please read the post so your comment does not get DELETED.

    1. The stats tab in the profile. I understand you want to add some kind of "history", but only 10 chapters is too little. It should also be possible to remove them.

  • Reports: Duplicates and Mergers (46 chapters total) vs. (no chapters) ___ Done

  • Request for group takeover

    User ID: 12564 Group ID: 5878 No website yet. Discord has my user as owner though. ___ Done

  • MangaDex Suggested Features: Megathread

    I'm not sure if anyone had already suggested it, it should have, but just to make sure... I'd love if we can filter out the genre on the latest releases on the homepage. There's a lot of genres that I want to be excluded like yaoi, yuri, gender bender, etc. I'd appreciate your consideration of this opinion of mine.

  • REAL

    This is an amazingly well done manga, one of the best that I've read!

  • Renjou Desperado

    Hoping the ecchi in this was a little overboard simply due to being the first chapter because everything else was great and I could do without too much of it. Still, that was a really good start. Her personality works pretty well.

  • Ani no Yome to Kurashite Imasu.

    Thanks for the update. I always check this manga every day don't know why but this manga can make me really like it.😊

  • Ani no Yome to Kurashite Imasu.

    Hm same Kishibe from "Chihaya-san's ? But in Chihaya-san's the complete name is of Kishibe there is Kishibe Ichigo who I read had dated some people including girls while in Ani no Yome to Kurashiteimasu we have Kishibe Shino who once said had no dating experience. Maybe same Kishibe but in different pararel world? 😁

  • Renjou Desperado

    time to re watch AFRO SAMURAI

  • Love Log

    I like it, but the ending felt like a bit of a pseudo cliffhanger.

  • Ritz

    So... moejong. ....mehjong

  • Hatsu Haru

    This book got licensed by Yen Press and is available in English (paperback), currently till volume 2!

  • Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai

    Shoulda burst in and gave her the stare of disappointment

  • Shoujo x Shoujo x Shoujo

    Cover looks not that bad.

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