Author Fights Break Sphere
Avatar primsul 2 mo ago
@tkmisere except there are literally 2 times they mention it. Once at the beginning of the story, and another time in like chapter 2-3 in a single introspective thought bubble presented as a side note (not the actual focus of the conversation).
There are literally no references outside of that and he acts just like every other Wuxia MC.

I would really remove the Isekai tag from this because it just isn't isekai

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Avatar tkmisere 2 mo ago
Oh yeah, forgot about the other 2 times, but it don't makes it less isekai than it is. Even if it's unoticeable.
Avatar Ohgodpleaseno 1 mo ago
Frankly, this isn't really isekai at all. It lacks most, if not all, of the themes commonly found in isekai and his reincarnation is not referenced whatsoever for over 200 chapters.
Avatar grom 1 mo ago
Who is miss feng already ? Someone he know ?
Avatar monkey123 9 days ago
Ohh according to the comments I got isekai baited. 😅 Is this manhua still worth reading (also hiatus now)?

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