Author Watari-kun no ×× ga Houkai Sunzen
Avatar banas002 4 mo ago
Damn that crazy eyes
Avatar mikegnesium 4 mo ago
Thanks for continuing the translation of this delicious trash that i keep coming back to.

Satsuki best gril.
Avatar ChillLyfe 4 mo ago
I feel like something inside me is broken
Avatar salsudo 4 mo ago
scary girl!!
Avatar Thoraxe41 3 mo ago
Got mixed feelings on her Improved skill with the kitchen knife.
Avatar Seoul 3 mo ago
Just how much more of this kind of abuse do you think Yukari chan can take before she’ll finally brandish those knife skills she’s been honing?

At this point I won’t even blame her for going 200% yandere. MC has the emotional attunement of a silverback gorilla.
Avatar VincentYamato 3 mo ago
This kid is... I mean, yeah he grew up without parents and taking care of his sister, but that dosent excuse hom for his poor emotional intelligence, desicion making skills and poor comunication habilities, like im sure we all can think of thousand ways to fix all this fucking and tedious problem by just saying one word. Dude is kust dumb to the bone.
Also,i hate this annoying flat girl

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Avatar Zenith_Tempest 3 mo ago
I was fine with this kind of drama a while ago, but that's about enough of that. There's nothing I hate worse than rehashed drama with the same simple solution being dodged over and over again because the MC is made out to be too stupid to realize his mistakes. He has gotten numerous hints and does not act on them, has frequently made plans with his girlfriend and then pushed them off, and acts insensitive every damn time. Can we please have a new form of drama in this story now? This is getting so redundant...
Avatar mainimi 1 mo ago
It actually gets quite crazy later, but I can't understand a lot of it.
It's out up to chapter 36, I hope someone picks it up.
Avatar plsnobully 10 days ago
Forgot most of the stuff, probably won't be re-reading soon either. See you all after its caught up I guess.
Avatar RenoxRockbell 10 days ago
I have this feeling that the author is in Schools days bad ending mode .....I went back to reread to remember how the story was going ... ... until this chapter ...... it is definitely a bad ending.😅
Avatar Kareha 9 days ago
That little sister is fucking annoying, hopefully she dies soon, along with that blonde haired psycho.
Avatar Thoraxe41 9 days ago
Just thinking about this series yesterday. Happy to see an update.
Avatar Orange_Orange 9 days ago
@RenoxRockbell Ah, I might not pick this up again then before it has ended. There's been a couple manga lately (or one big one) that have for whatever reason thought a bad ending would add to the story. Spoilers; It only does so if it doesn't undermine everything else that has happened and leave the readers unsatisfied and confused.
Avatar monkey123 9 days ago
Fucking look at this imouto 😄

I miss the imouto diaries. :/ (Koushaku Reijou)

What the hell? You wanna burn on a stake?

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Avatar Siquall 9 days ago
Sigh, i hope we will soon this the end of this F-cup arc/relationship and get more Satsuki moments too .

From what i read in Raws, it looks good...and i think it's time to drop the kouhaiy, she did her job as a filler for the story.

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