Author Nagareboshi ni Negau Hodo Bokura wa Sunao ja Nai
Avatar greatninja3 6 mo ago
AnoHana but girl ain't dead "yet"
Avatar joesandal 5 mo ago
anohana x pajama na kanojo :)
Avatar Tcof 4 mo ago
I love the early author work. don't know why his work just end so quick. this one even shorter. Hope he can make new work
Avatar Tcof 4 mo ago
wait what ? she awake now and don't realize him. and what about Subaru ghost ?
Avatar Bladestone 4 mo ago
Oh so the girl is awake and the "ghost" is still around. Interesting...
Avatar Tcof 4 mo ago
Uhm, isn't this just one volume ? chap 7 already and it become even more confuse
Avatar jak 9 days ago
@joesandal - I would have loved Pajama na Kanojo even more if not for the terrible abrupt ending.