Author screen somtimes jumps to the top of the page
Avatar radical-san 9 days ago
this problem starting occurring after the recent update, v3. only when im reading will my screen jump to the top of the page. this is frustrating as i read in one long strip. i've tried to preload the pages, in settings, from numbers 5-20, doesnt work. and i also preload the entire chapter, doesnt work. i havent touched the other setting as i thought i wouldnt help. this only happens when i read at mangadex because i sometimes read on kissmanga and works fine. does anyone have the same problem? is it mangadex or me? and do anyone have a solution? thanks for reading!!
Avatar HollowSCV 9 days ago
Avatar Backha 9 days ago
Same. I'm on mobile.
Avatar herianforce 9 days ago
Same here😃
Avatar Yousscat 9 days ago
i have the same prb when i'm reading on my phone .
on my laptop it works jusr fiine
Avatar KazuyaKan 9 days ago
I have the problem of it jumping to the last page or 2nd page a couple of times before it stops when reading in long format in mobile. Wasn't happening the first day or so v3 went live.
Avatar Teasday 9 days ago
I'm not sure what could be going on but fixing it will take a bit longer than usual because I have to, among other things, reinstall my goddamn Windows

If the problem persists I suggest trying out double page mode in the meantime
Avatar Paulo27 9 days ago
This seems to happen when the chapter is completely loaded in longstrip mode. To avoid this until it's fixed try setting the number of preloaded pages to 20 (so the chapter loads faster and you're sent to the top sooner rather than at the middle or end of the chapter), preload the whole chapter first (though that involves going into the options menu which can be a bit of a bother) or use single page mode.
Avatar radical-san 8 days ago
@Paulo27 i've tried those solutions ( preload 20 pages and preload entire chapter) and it doesnt work for me. i've even waited until the whole chapter is loaded and it still skips to the top of the page.

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Avatar momentos 8 days ago
Same here, happend on single, double, and long strip.

Its looks like it jumped to the middle of every page
Avatar Mammoth 8 days ago
I also have this problem using long strip.

when the chapter is fully loaded it sends me to the top of the page and i have to scroll back down to where i left off.
Avatar gouder 8 days ago
Yep, I have this bug too with long strip

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