Author Ani no Yome to Kurashite Imasu.
Avatar ichi24 16 days ago
Why always the damn ninja and their onion cutting jutsu πŸ˜‚
Avatar badgirlriri 16 days ago
Welcome back @_anq!

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Avatar mmerijn 15 days ago
Why can't I give this manga an 11/10, a 10/10 just doesn't cut it!
Avatar Tormval 15 days ago
I'm about to fall into crippling depression from this manga, it's simply too much for me. I dropped it but not bcuz it was bad, even if it's actually really good.
Avatar Aratataoatatara 12 days ago
Kinda want this series to go yuri, but also want to stay it as coming of age story . What a conflicted feeling.
Avatar mystline 12 days ago
@Aratataoatatara why not both ? :), the setup is perfect for yuri and coming of age, i feel like the writer isn't sure himself what he wants to do with their relationship, hope it goes the Yuri way :D

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Avatar PrunJuice 12 days ago
The lack of yuri tag here is making me sweat. Please don't do something stupid mister author-san (λˆˆβ€Έλˆˆ)

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Avatar Aratataoatatara 12 days ago
@mystline I know its not the same thing, but this series reminds me of a movie called Kikuijiro, for me there's something beautiful in 2 stranger not a family nor a lovers licking each other wounds. And if they became a lover, the death of the brother is just a plot device to make yuri story.

But on the otherhand i'm a massive yurifag, and i love me some good yuri stories, either way I think I'm just gonna enjoy the ride.
Avatar miyako19 12 days ago
@Aratataoatatara But they are not strangers. They are on the same family register and with the Japanese law, they are considered family. It would be weird as hell to start a romantic relationship with your brother's wife especially in Asian society . I have seen cases where a person broke up with his gf/bf because that gf/bf is a relative's ex. If their relationship goes romantic, they would be heavy criticized by society, their relatives and acquaintances, and don't forget one of them is a minor too. (Under the Japan's civil code, anyone under 20 is a minor).
Avatar mikegnesium 12 days ago don't reason with yurifags. That you actually thought bringing up the law and common sense (ie reality) would be relevant is somewhat funny though.

Personally i don't want it to go lily, mainly because it would create whole set of uncomfortable cracks in the story foundation.
Avatar lasercats 10 days ago
Pls no Yuri here hear me gods of gay girls
Avatar GuiltyBoomerang 9 days ago
Being a yuri fan myself, I can see why people would want it to go down that path, and a fair few who don't.

Personally while I wouldn't mind a yuri transformation, the way it is now (younger/older sisters finding how close their bond can be) is refreshing.
Avatar Castella 7 days ago
Thank you for the chapters and get well soon! Fractures are troublesome to deal with!

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Avatar lasercats 7 days ago
Yo my man get well soon ppl here are used to waiting so no rush pls! also teenage girls are pretty ineffective at doing things
Avatar FiddlePop 7 days ago
Get well Soon anq
Have a quick recovery and take care of yourself
Avatar Jamadhur 5 days ago
Is this going to be gay or not? Make up your mind author!!
Avatar Xitel 4 days ago
All this arguing over "is it yuri or not" is ignoring the key point of this relationship: it's not about the two of them. It's about the two of them and the hole left by Taishi. They both have their own situations regarding family, and Taishi was a huge part of their lives as a result. Now that he's suddenly disappeared, they're both looking for something to fill that gap, and the easiest person to do that is each other. It's not necessarily a healthy relationship, and the author has the potential to really go more in depth with it than just "yo ladies lovin' each other". Whether or not that's where it'll go, who knows, but I think expecting it to just be a normal SoL is really selling it short.
Avatar KingOfBeast01 3 days ago
If it turns out to be Yuri- “that’s great”
If there is no Yuri- “that’s great too”
Honestly, I think that for right now, what both of them needs is family bond and trust. With the death of Taishi, it broke the majority of the chain that connected both Shino and Nozomi...So for now, I’m perfectly content with just seeing their relationship strengthen, as a “family”. But it’ll still be great if it turned out to be Yuri πŸ˜‰
Avatar FiddlePop 3 days ago
The Madman delivers with a broken arm too
What a rad bastard we have

Props to _anq
Avatar echo 3 days ago
_anq tl-ing with a broken arm is like kishibe at sport with a badly injured foot, they're both da MVP.