Author All Day Jo Ayoung
Avatar Komikero 3 mo ago
Avatar zenyo 2 mo ago
Wow it's a good korean Yotsubato 😍
Avatar supersonicsaga 2 mo ago
So that really is his daughter and not his sister?
Avatar Topweasel 2 mo ago
Nope sister..... Or at least I think it is. Maybe not even real sister but Stepsister, I can't remember. I think that's why she calls him Dad though, he is old enough to be one, is the one raising her, and isn't really related so he is as much her dad as her stepdad.

But that dance and song were awesome.

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Avatar DemonHide 2 mo ago
Folks, leave spoilers out of the general comments area. Save them for the chapter comment section.
Avatar Kuroiikawa 2 mo ago
Wow, who would have thought that your average mmo game experience could be summarized so quickly in a webtoon.
Avatar BCS 2 mo ago
>The author has nothing against bald people or League of Legends

Fuck Heroes of the Storm though!
Avatar Orange_Orange 9 days ago
Just as I did on Batoto, I'm rooting for the orange alcoholic. And yes I'm biased due to her hair colour :P
Avatar ganggangnigga 7 days ago
50 chapters left