Author Nora to Zassou
Avatar Nick86 3 mo ago
Not a bad start. Also a drama seinen so i'm in. :)
Avatar Kryon_PL 3 mo ago
Dear scanlator, thanks for picking this manga. Great introduction for drama, the confused and characterization of the father and (the strange?) girl is amazing.

It's really interesting and I can't wait to see what happen next.
Avatar ikemen 3 mo ago
Somebody qc this.
Avatar FrenchyFrenchFries 3 mo ago
Interesting start. I'm hooked! I hope it goes well ~
Avatar Alraisen 2 mo ago
This is darker than I initially thought. Let's see.
Avatar Nick86 8 days ago
@kris - Thanks for the udpate, believe was dropped.
Avatar Bes 8 days ago
Very promising! I loved Tokyo alien bros too, so I have high hopes. Also hoping it doesn't get dropped
Avatar kris 7 days ago
@Nick86 @Bes
There was definitely delays on my end in getting c3 done, but keep in mind that this is a monthly series, so I can only get the raws so fast!

Thanks for reading, and don't worry, I have no intention of dropping this series :)
Avatar Nick86 7 days ago
@kris - Appreciated, thanks mate.
Avatar Comadrin 5 days ago
Very well written work about something that is continually swept under the rug, but is far more prevalent than everyone seems to think. Thank you Shinzou Keigo and TheElusiveTaco, for bringing this to us Japanese illiterate folks.